What Are Good Horror Games?

It is not known to most, but a number of horror movies are actually derived from horror games and vice versa. There is just something about horror games that address a person’s want to feel scared without actually getting hurt. Movies are great at jump scares, but playing horror games is of a totally different level because players get to experience the eerie atmosphere on a first-hand level.

We have compiled some of the best horror games to try. Check these out:


Ever since its Early Access was publicized, this game has gained so much popularity. This is because it combines horror with detective work. It is mainly a horror game, but players are tasked to investigate and deduce the situation, which requires teamwork. There will be a lot of tasks involved, like taking pictures of a particular object in the dark.

Metro Exodus

This may not seem to be an average horror game because it is a post-apocalyptic take on Russia, but it also involves scary sequences that the player must go through. Players have the option to play the game during daytime or nighttime. If a player chooses the latter, creeping up to opponents in the dark can be very scary because of unexpected creatures that lurk at night.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil has made a name in the horror game genre. This particular game, however, stands out because of the eerie atmosphere and, of course, its antagonist, the tall lady.

In this game, the players should always be on their toes in order to avoid the nasty werewolf-like beings that lurk in the village as well as the feral villagers. There will be a lot of body dismemberment. You’ve been warned.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This is an old game, but it is still very much a great addition to this list. It has a gameplay that has helped the horror genre survive through the years. It made the horror genre transcend into an action game.

The protagonist, Daniel, has amnesia and wakes up in a castle alone. Players will help him wander through the treacherous castle and find out more. Also, players will have no other defense available aside from running and hiding.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

The characters may look cute at first sight, but with a closer inspection, it would be clear to see that the characters are actually dismembered and pretty scary. This game is about a night guard who is tasked to look after the restaurant after hours. Animatronics are already creepy but having them come into life at night is indeed very spooky.

It has become popular because it is a game that can also be enjoyed by little ones without causing permanent trauma or emotional damage. It is pretty rare to have a game that can entertain kids and adults alike, and this game has done just that.

There are a whole lot of horror games that can cater to anyone’s scary antics. Don’t miss out and test your courage by playing them today!