What Are the Most Popular Horror Games?

Horror games are becoming more popular among game players. They provide the most exhilarating experiences that video games can offer. Players are now after video games that give them an experience close to death without actually dying.

This kind of game teaches players valuable lessons. This includes stories about past events, history, human behavior, etc. It also helps the game players know how to manage or control fear.

While there are many horror games available, this list features the most popular horror games. This list will also satisfy your curiosity about which horror video game you can play.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is a much talked about horror game. It features scary characters, such as werewolves, vampires, gargoyles, etc. Although this series avoids the use of zombies, there are still horrifying monsters you’d engage with.

With this game, players can learn how to survive the hordes of werewolf-like creatures wittingly. It also centers around the main protagonist, Ethan Winters, who is involved in a mysterious search for his missing daughter.

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is a horror game that can keep you up the night. This is because you may struggle to sleep after seeing severed bodies all around the floor. You’ll undoubtedly freak out seeing the faces laughing for the first time.

The video game teaches you how to survive horrible sights. The game also involves you assembling the severed bodies. You’ll have to place each piece exactly where it belongs to.


Popular for being a first-person exploration game, Outlast is set inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital. The horror game involves avoiding deranged patients set to harm you. It would be best if you tried to survive through the Outlast’s dark corridors.

The game increases your survival instinct. It also helps with your visual alertness as you’ll have to note even the minutest details.

Alien: Isolation

When it comes to playing horror games that make you feel powerless, then Alien Isolation is your best bet. The horror game involves being stuck on a space station full of aliens. These aliens are terrifying creatures that you must avoid.

Playing this game allows you to discover some historical stories of aliens. You’ll also experience all types of horrors with this game.


Darkwood is a horror video game known for its scary scenes. It is also known for its evil soundtrack. This is why horror game is very popular among game players. The game involves you trying to hide from horrible creatures.

There are traps also set for you. You’ll have to keep yourself safe by wadding off the enemies. To go to the next level, you need to look for a way to allow the horrible night to pass without getting hurt.


Game players have their choice of games for different reasons. However, trying out some horror video games can be cool. We’ve also listed some popular horror games that you might fancy. The games are exciting and fun-filled, even with their scary elements.