What Are the Scariest Horror Games?

Horror movies are a thing, but horror games are scarier. Video games give us the feeling of being present, making the horror look real. Whether you're trying to solve a problem in a haunted place or investigating a murder case, the main character feels like you. If you love that feeling, here's a list of the scariest horror games.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is a horror game developed in 2001 by Konami Computer Entertainment. It is the second series of the original series and was originally released for the Playstation 2.

Silent Hill 2 is about a widower, James Sunderland, who received a letter from his dead wife. She stated that she was waiting in Silent Hill for him in the letter. So, James decided to go to the town of Silent Hill to find his wife.

Though the first section of the game had to do with finding keys, Silent Hill is a creepy town. Moreover, not only does the game leave the player sad, it leaves them scared. Therefore, Silent Hill 2 gained its spot as one of the scariest horror games.

Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil is another horror game with 4 series combined. It involves secret agents that need to investigate some viruses. Things go wrong, and the agent (player) has to find their way out.

As the player, you get a gun to hide from enemies to find your way out. However, it's scary and gives you so much anxiety. The reason is that the moment you think you're free from enemies, another one pops out from nowhere.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is a great horror video game, especially for claustrophobic people. It involves an artist who needs to complete an artwork; the player must find ways to achieve this goal. So, they search the surrounding for clues.

Though the room seems easy to search, everything changes as the player searches. The player is a psychopath, and the room changes, depending on their state of mind. When the player feels scared, the room deforms, and when the player gets angry, rats fill the whole room.

The scariest part of this game is that it disappears as soon as you turn away from a door.

Dead Space

Dead Space is another horror video game about an alien race that wants to rule the world through markers. People who touch these markers get a virus from an alien that turns them into Necromorphs. They have enough mass to make a new alien and send out more Markers as a group.

The player takes the role of Isaac Clarke, and the aim is to fight these monsters. As the main character, you might get confused because people who give advice have questionable motives. So, you can't be so sure of the right choice.


There are several scary horror games, and everyone has a preference. However, you might be searching for intense games that would make you feel involved. The listed games above are the scariest ones you'll come across.